Cut Your Eco Home’s Energy Bills with Eco Window Dressing

Cut Your Eco Home’s Energy Bills with Eco Window Dressing

The cost of gas and electricity has shot up in recent years. So being able to reduce how much energy you use to heat your eco home can offer great savings in your household bills.

Eco window dressing offers a great way of cutting your energy bills and caring for the planet at the same time. Whether you need blinds for your bathroom or curtains for your living room, there are plenty of great eco window dressing options to choose from for decorating your eco house.

Eco blinds

Eco window dressing blinds made from reeds, bamboo, grasses and other natural plants are an environmentally friendly option that’s ideal for bathrooms and kitchens.

As well as being made from renewable, natural materials, which can be harvested over and over again, they’re handcrafted using natural finishes, such as sun bleaching or oven baking. This means they’re biodegradable and won’t contaminate the earth in landfill sites if they ever need to be replaced.

Eco curtains

Curtains are enjoying a renaissance at the moment because they can add a touch of elegance to people’s homes. Elegance can also be partnered with being green thanks to eco curtains made from natural, sustainable fibres.

Many curtains are made from synthetic textiles, such as polyester and nylon. These are very polluting to manufacture and are non-biodegradable, which means they’ll pollute the earth when dumped in our already clogged up landfill sites.

Eco curtains, on the other hand, are made from natural plant fibres, such as hemp, organic cotton or linen. These are far less polluting than synthetics to manufacture, and when combined with natural dyes they offer elegant, biodegradable eco window dressing for your eco home.


Thermal linings cut your eco home’s energy bills


It’s estimated that 80% of your eco home’s heat is lost through your windows. This can be reduced by 30% with thermal curtains, so investing in thermal linings can offer great savings on your heating bills.

A thermal lining consists of an additional layer of cloth on the back of the curtains. You’ll often find thermal linings on hotel room curtains. The additional layer helps to block the sun to keep rooms cool in summer and to retain heat in winter.

Whilst more expensive than standard linings, thermal linings offer long-term benefits both in reducing fading causing by the sun and in reducing your energy bills. This makes them an economical and environmentally smart eco window dressing option for decorating your eco home.

Eco Shutters

Having discovered new research conducted by the BBC (see full article here) we can see that heat loss from windows can also be reduced by installing interior window shutters. Whilst curtains and blinds have a similar eco appeal, one of the benefits of fitting shutters in your home is that you can source FSC wooden shutters, which means that not only are you benefiting from sustainable wooden window treatments but also keeping the cold out of your house. Two benefits from one solution which we think works really well and can create a really modern stylish window treatment for home owners. Read more about the Forest Stewardship Council and their environmental work here which is having a lasting effect on our forests and hopefully climate change.


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