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Month: November 2013

UK Gas & Electricity Prices Rising: How To Manage Gas & Electricity Consumption

UK Gas & Electricity Prices Rising: How To Manage Gas & Electricity Consumption

Written By:  Ethan Hancock

Residents in the UK have been dismayed in recent months to see significant rises in the cost of gas & electricity.  It’s no major surprise anywhere in the world in recent years for fuel prices to be a burden, but the recent increases across the UK have been particularly troublesome and paint a bleak picture for the future.

In a recent October article, BBC business news online noted some of the ominous numbers related specifically to British Gas. It appears that the fuel company will be raising ordinary gas prices by up to 8.4%, with household electricity prices going up by a whopping 10.4%. These are the most recent numbers to trouble UK residents, but are ultimately only a part of a much longer trend.

The Mirror newspaper recently discussed this trend in a broader context, claiming that the UK’s household gas prices are going up more quickly than those in any other European country – with prices vaulting upward nearly 200% in the past decade.

All of this begs the question: what can UK residents do to escape the financial burden inflicted by these rises in prices?  To some extent, of course, there’s no getting around them.   But, here are a few simple tips that can help you to not only save money on domestic fuel bills but help the environment at the same time.

Stock Up On Heating Devices – Rather than soley using your central heating – which uses more energy and relies upon those high home energy prices – you can often get by pretty well with space heaters and electronic options. MySmartBuy provides tips for when and how to use these sorts of devices to your benefit, and also has a range of options.  Whether it’s a basic electric blanket to keep you cosy or a full on energy efficient space heater, there are plenty of possibilities to choose from.
Seal & Insulate Your Home – One of the easiest ways to spend too much on home heating and electricity is to allow your home to become improperly sealed or insulated.  Over time, old windows and doors start to let more air in, which means your home heating and cooling has to work harder, and wastes more energy.  Have a professional look at your windows, doors and insulation to make sure you’re sealing your home properly against the elements.  An American company, Blindsgalore offer advice on Energy Efficient Shades, Blinds & Window treatments which also applies to the UK market.

Cut Back Consumption – Most of us are naturally wasteful when it comes to two main things: water and electricity. Cut your tap off while you are shaving, shower more quickly, and turn off lights in unoccupied rooms. These are basic tips, but all together can amount to real energy conservation, and lower home energy bills.