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Month: April 2011

The Benefits of Hiring an Eco Interior Designer

The Benefits of Hiring an Eco Interior Designer

So you’ve made the decision to convert your home into a greener, more environmentally friendly habitat. You could choose all your eco furniture, eco textiles and other eco materials yourself. Or you could employ the specialist skills of an eco interior designer.

Going green doesn’t mean having to sacrifice on comfort, style or elegance. With their specialist knowledge, eco interior designers can help you in choosing the best combination of eco tables, eco chairs and other environmentally friendly furniture that will give your eco home a beautiful interior with green credentials.

There are a variety of areas in which an eco interior designer can help:

Eco textiles – Conventional textiles (notably polyester and nylon) derived from petroleum are very energy intensive and polluting to manufacture. Eco textiles, such as organic cotton and hemp, on the other hand are sourced from renewable and sustainable sources, and can be used for creating eco upholstery and eco window dressing.

Eco furniture – An eco interior designer can assist you in sourcing eco tables, eco chairs and other eco furniture from local manufacturers. They can ensure that whatever wooden eco furniture you buy is sourced from suppliers using FSC certified wood harvested from sustainably managed forests.

Eco wall coverings – Whether you prefer wallpaper or paint, an eco interior designer can help you choose from a wide selection of non-toxic VOC free paints and FSC certified wallpaper made with organic vegetable dyes.

Eco flooring – There are many environmentally friendly materials to choose from for eco flooring in your eco home. These include bamboo, rubber marmoleum, ceramic tiles and sustainably forested wood.

Eco fixtures and fittings – Along with low energy light bulbs and low energy eco appliances, an eco interior designer can help you with the installation of a wind turbine or solar panels on your roof so you can generate your own energy and further rubber stamp your eco home’s green credentials.