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Eco Design - Giraffe Innovation Ltd


Giraffe was acknowledged by The Guardian business pages as one of the UK’s top green businesses due to its extensive experience in delivery of a wide range of sustainability driven projects to UK and global organisations. We are proud of our ability to engage clients, implement change and change their culture.

Giraffe was described by The Manufacturer Magazine as ‘Britain’s leading eco-design consultancy’. Giraffe currently works with UK Government and companies of all sizes – from small farms to corporations. Giraffe undertakes, complex Life Cycle Assessment and carbon footprinting projects for clients in Hong Kong, Sweden, France, USA, Korea and the UK. Giraffe also provides senior management support and coaching to a wide range of organisations including advice on the legal compliance obligations and business benefits of EU Environmental Legislation.

Giraffe’s world leading team has a wide range of skills covering life cycle assessment (LCA), environmental management, and enviromentally sensitive design. Giraffe currently undertakes complex LCA studies for Dell (USA), British Airways, L’Oreal, De La Rue (UK, Sweden), VTech (Hong Kong), Kyocera Mita, Fortnum & Mason and toy companies: Vivid Imaginations (UK’s largest independent toy company) and Character Options. These projects were won by Giraffe on an open competitive tender basis.


  • Carbon Management – Policy & Strategy
  • LCA with a focus on GHG emissions including carbon footprinting – Companies, Products, Services, Individuals
  • Carbon Offsetting
  • Environmental Management Standards – EMS
  • Water Management & Efficiency
  • Energy Management
  • Waste Management
  • Sustainable Design – Strategy and practical implementation
  • Environmental Legislation
  • Innovation Management Sessions – DART Technique “the worst thing you can be doing is to do well the things you shouldn’t be doing in the first place” & Eco-Dice – eco creating technique
  • Environmental Competitive Benchmarking
  • Third Party (CSR) reporting evaluation
  • Research
  • Broadcasting – BBC TV, BBC Radio, Channel 4, Channel 5
  • SME & Corporate training seminars
  • Giraffe’s approach to projects combines analytical thinking and science with the creative ability to synthesise between different industries, techniques and cultures. The majority of our work through the consultancy Giraffe involves establishing a baseline understanding of the environmental impact of an organisation, or specifically a product or packaging, and identifying opportunities for reduction. We have identified over $150m and 50,000tCO2e saving for our clients. We describe this as Carbon led – redesign.

    We work with small and large companies and UK Government. Most of our time involves helping companies avoid doing the ‘wrong thing well’

    Location: Portslade Brighton
    Email: r.holdway@giraffeinnovation.com
    Phone: +44(0)7788423399
    Web site: http://www.giraffeinnovation.com

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